Wine Shipping & Logistics

wine shipping containerDirect to Consumer Wine Shipping for Wineries, Retailers, Tasting Rooms, New releases, e-Commerce and more.

Year round climate controlled Wine Shipping available.
Freight Shipping for case goods, pallets, barrels and full truckloads.
International Shipping of direct to consumer, bottles, case goods, pallets and full containers.

Our innovative and proprietary shipping solution allows us to provide you with alternative methods of shipping to the special handling states that wineries typically cannot ship to.

We maintain a full variety of the best of quality wine boxes and containers.
Multiple drop off and shipping locations.
Scheduled pick-ups from your winery, tasting room or warehouse daily

Our professional and experienced staff will also provide services of inserting newsletters, brochures and promotional materials in each shipment, perform any customized services required by the shipper, including Non-wine items, wooden boxes, wine glasses and gift packaging.


Lodi Vines Reverse Logistics

Full Customer Service Support from start to finish and back.

Lodi Vines manages your post shipment details. Whether redirecting a shipment to a new address, reshipping a returned shipment or managing carrier activities. Our experienced team will simplify the process for your organization and turn these transactions into positive results. All seamlessly done.

Customer Return Management

  • Redirect and Address Corrections
  • Carrier Claims
  • Product Restocking
  • Call Tag processing